Transturist Tuzla

The joint-stock company “TRANSTURIST” Tuzla was founded back in 1947, under the name “DARS”, in the city of Tuzla, which represents the administrative center of the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The main activity of the Company is the transportation of passengers in long-distance scheduled transport, both within Bosnia and Herzegovina and in international transport. In addition to regular transportation, it also provides offline transportation of passengers for the purpose of tourist trips, excursions, summer vacations, winter holidays, as well as contracted transportation.

The tourist agency “Transturist”, which operates as part of the Company, is the largest tourist and travel agency in the area of ​​the Tuzla Canton and one of the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It successfully organizes tourist trips, summer holidays, winter holidays and excursions throughout Europe and beyond.

The company also includes a service for maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles (buses and trucks), with an extremely high-quality team of master specialists who take care of the correctness of the company’s vehicles, and provide services to other carriers as well.

Intercity bus station Tuzla is owned by the company “TRANSTURIST” d.d. Since 1970, Tuzla has been providing services for dispatching and receiving passengers and vehicles in long-distance regular transport, which depart and arrive in Tuzla. The major reconstruction and modernization of the Bus Station facility was completed in April 2017, and today it is the most beautiful and functional bus station in Bosnia and Herzegovina and beyond.

Currently “TRANSTURIST” d.d. Tuzla employs 115 workers who use 50 buses of high tourist class, brands MAN and NEOPLAN, intended for the longest journeys, owns the Tourist Agency facility located in the very center of the city of Tuzla and agencies in several cities of northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Intercity Bus Station Tuzla in in the narrowest part of the city of Tuzla and a vehicle maintenance hall with 1300 m2 of covered space and 5000 m2 of parking space.

TRANSTURIST d.d. Tuzla monitors the needs of passengers and clients every day, and adjusts its business and way of working to those requirements with the application of the most modern technologies in order to achieve “BUS” – Fast, Comfortable and Safe transportation, and provides the possibility of online seat reservations, purchase of train tickets and provision of fast and accurate information through the Call Center.

You can find out more about “TRANSTURIST” here.

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